What we should do when cardboard stuck on the fully auto case sealer?

The automatic adhesive tape case sealing machine can be used alone or in conjunction with automated conveyor lines, which can save manpower, improve work efficiency, and help enterprises save unnecessary expenses. It is an indispensable part of the enterprise’s back-end packaging equipment. However, it is inevitable to encounter some minor malfunctions in daily use, and the case packer machine is no exception. Now, allow we chantecpack introduce how to solve the problem of automatic case sealer jamming


1. Width or height adjustment too small

Automatic box sealing machines manually adjust the corresponding width and height when transporting cardboard boxes. However, during the adjustment process, the operator may not be familiar with the machine or there may be errors in operation, which can cause box jamming.

Solution: The best way is to place the cardboard box on the workbench of the sealing machine, and then compare and adjust it to ensure the length of the conveying ruler.


2. The cardboard box is too light to pass through the movement

To fully understand the performance characteristics of the equipment, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of its advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance or the working principle of the sealing machine (for detailed knowledge, please refer to this article). The principle of automatic sealing machine sealing tape is to rely on the sealing machine to press the cardboard box and hit the guide roller during transportation, thereby sealing the tape onto the cardboard box. However, during this process, if the cardboard box is too light, it may not be able to collide with the guide roller, which can directly lead to the occurrence of box jamming.


3. The tape is not cut off

This will cause the cutting blade to be not sharp, resulting in continuous cutting of the tape, which will cause the cardboard box to get stuck in the sealing machine and cannot continue to be transported.

Solution: Regularly clean or replace the cutting knife to ensure its sharpness. (After using the automatic sealing machine for a period of time, a lot of adhesive tape debris and dust will stick to the cutting blade, so it needs to be cleaned in a timely manner.)

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Post time: Aug-07-2023
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