Do you know the characteristics and structure of automatic palletizing robots?

The automatic robot palletizer consists of an installation frame, a robot positioning system, a servo drive system, a control system, an electric control and distribution system, and a safety protection device. The palletizer positioning system is the core of the entire equipment. It has fast movement speed and high repeatability accuracy. The X, Y, Z coordinates are all selected as synchronous toothed belt drives. The single coordinate repeatability accuracy is 0.1mm, and the fastest linear motion speed is 1000mm/s. The X coordinate axis is a positioning system with a single length of 3000mm and a span of 1935mm. The synchronization transmitter ensures the synchronization of the motion of the two positioning systems, which are driven by a 1500W servo motor. For the matching of drive torque and inertia, a high-precision planetary gear reducer is equipped.
The Y-axis uses a dual positioning system. The reason for choosing such a large cross-section positioning unit is mainly because the Y-axis is a double-ended support with a suspended structure in the middle. If the selected cross-section is not sufficient, the smoothness of the robot’s motion cannot be guaranteed, and the robot will vibrate during high-speed motion. The two positioning units are used side by side, sandwiching the Z-axis in the middle, which can balance the load well. This installation method has very good stability. The two positioning systems are driven by a 1000W servo motor, and for the purpose of matching the driving torque and inertia, a high-precision planetary gear reducer is equipped.
The Z-axis positioning system is robust and stable. This product generally has a fixed slider and moves up and down as a whole. The servo motor needs to overcome significant gravity and acceleration forces to rapidly lift objects, requiring a large amount of power. In practical applications, we selected a 2000W servo motor with a brake, equipped with a high-precision planetary gear reducer.
With the development of digital technology and robotics, robots have evolved into intelligent devices, featuring autonomy, intelligence, mobility, and operability. Intelligent robot technology has been able to meet the needs of aircraft assembly, and as a dexterous, highly flexible, and low-cost automation equipment, it can overcome the shortcomings of traditional CNC machine tools. In the future, robotic palletizers will continue to improve and will surely be applied in more industry sectors.

Post time: Jan-10-2024
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