Do you know the reasons for the malfunction of the fully automatic VFFS biscuits packaging machine

1. Is there an error prompt on the touch screen? If there is an error, please follow the prompt for appropriate handling
2. Check if the touch screen is connected to the PLC.
3. Press the “Work Methods” button to enter the “Work Methods” page and check if the test is inactive. If that’s the case, please press the “Test” button to cancel this situation.
4. If the printing machine can only complete one cycle, please check if the packaging machine is turned on. If opened, it will damage the KM5 touch sensor in the boxed electrical control cabinet.
5. Use a multimeter to check if the three-phase input voltage and zero line are normal.
high speed biscuits multi heads weigher vertical packing machine 
1. Check if the membrane switch is flipped over.
If there is any malfunction with the touch screen, please follow the prompts for operation.
3. Check if the touch sensor is damaged, if the transmission motor is damaged, and if the chain has fallen or broken.
The automatic particle packaging machine cannot make bags of the same length
1. If the bag becomes shorter and shorter, it is because the pressure of the film forming belt is not good for the forming tube. The film pressing handwheel can increase the pressure of the forming tube.
2. If the bag becomes longer and longer, it is due to excessive pressure from the film forming belt on the forming tube. The pressure of the forming tube can be adjusted by the film pressing handwheel.
3. If the bag has different lengths, it may be:
The film synchronous belt does not apply pressure to the formed tube;
The thin film synchronous belt is dirty or contaminated by other things. It can be cleaned with alcohol or polished with sandpaper. If the tape is worn too much, please replace it with a new synchronous belt.
After the fully automatic particle packaging machine is started, the cutting blade does not move.
1. Enter the working mode and check if the cutter is disabled.
2. Check if the start time and cutting time settings of the cutter are correct.
3. After the liquid level is closed, check if there is a signal from the sensor above the cylinder.
4. Check if the solenoid valve (including coils and circuits) and cylinder are damaged.
The heating tube of the fully automatic particle packaging machine is not heated
1. Check if the temperature controller has selected the correct temperature.
2. If the temperature display shows characters and flashes, the thermocouple is not turned on and plugged in.
3. Check if the heating tube is connected to the power supply and if the connector is in good contact. If the heating tube is powered on and does not heat, the heating tube should be replaced.
4. Check whether the horizontal sealed circuit breaker and longitudinal seal are maintained or damaged. Check if the solid-state relay in the circuit is damaged

Post time: Feb-19-2024
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