The most comprehensive analysis of pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry

In recent years, with the aggravation of aging and the improvement of people’s consumption level, the drug market demand shows a growing trend, which drives the rapid development of the drug packaging industry and the continuous expansion of the market scale. According to the prediction of relevant institutions, the global pharmaceutical packaging market will reach 108.2 billion US dollars by 2021.

After years of struggle, China’s drug packaging equipment industry has made considerable progress. It is mainly reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, the industry has achieved a large number of relevant research results from the original dependence on import to imitation and then to gradual self-improvement, and the domestic packaging technology has been continuously improved, which has basically been able to meet the demand of domestic drug packaging; On the other hand, the number of pharmaceutical packaging equipment enterprises is increasing, and the market scale is gradually expanding. According to a report made by market research company markets and markets, it is estimated that by 2022, the global drug packaging equipment market will rise sharply from US $5.933 million in 2017 to US $824 million, with a compound growth rate of about 6.8%.

In the context of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, it is a great development opportunity for the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry. Industry insiders said that the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry is an industry with increasingly strict quality requirements and needs continuous innovation and upgrading. With the development of the pharmaceutical packaging market and the continuous investment of pharmaceutical enterprises, the automation of pharmaceutical packaging equipment will become a major trend, boosting the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

As the leader of packaging machinery industry, Chantecpack’s main packaging equipment in the pharmaceutical industry is divided into two fields: human drug packaging and veterinary drug packaging. It is also divided into drug powder pouch bag packaging machine, drug powder bottle filling machine, tablet packing machine and ect. Here we briefly introduce several types for reference:

1. Automatic Multi Lane Sachet Stick Form Fill Seal Machine

2. Best Sell Doypack Rotary Packing Machine

3. The big bag 25kg powder weighing packing and palletizing machine

Post time: May-17-2021
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