The mixed oatmeal packaging machine enables the fast food industry to accelerate the rapid development of the food market

With the diversity of consumption patterns and packaging, a single cereal packaging can no longer meet everyone’s consumption needs, and consumers are more interested in mixed cereals – this kind of mixed cereals not only has a variety of nutritional values, but also tastes more delicious. The mixed consumption of freeze-dried fruits and cereals, full of sweet fruit fragrance collides with the rich flavor of Cereals, which is simply a perfect taste bud feast. According to statistics, the consumption market of mixed cereal is four times higher than that of single cereal. Such a high demand industry also promotes the development of the dual material packaging machine industry of cereal and milk powder. The development opportunities of Mixed Cereal packaging machine are facing unprecedented challenges.

The two material packaging machine for cereal and milk powder can mix a variety of materials, weigh them quantitatively, and then mix them for packaging, which can pack a variety of mixed cereals on the market. For example, breakfast yogurt oatmeal, milk oatmeal, instant nutritional oatmeal, substitute mixed oatmeal, fitness oatmeal, mixed nut oatmeal, yogurt fruit oatmeal, freeze-dried fruit oatmeal and other oatmeal particles can be packaged.

Now we chantecpack will introduce several kinds of mixed cereal oatmeal packaging machines that are commonly used in the market:

1. The VFFS vertical form fill seal muesli quad bag packing machine

VFFS quad seal valve bag muesli packing machine

2. The high speed oatmeal sachet cartoning packaging machine

oatmeal sachet cartoning packing machine

3. The rolled oats tin can bottles jars weighing filling packing machine+top load gravity type case packer line

rolled oats tin can packing machine

Post time: Jul-11-2022
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