How to solve the material control in the filling process of the ton bag packaging machine?

The wide application of the ton-bag packaging machine is mainly reflected in the increasing market demand, high packaging efficiency and saving labor costs. At present, many enterprises have adopted the ton-bag packaging for raw materials, raw materials, excipients and other packaging forms. How can it be recognized in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, grain, construction and other industries is also the direction that Chantecpack has been developing. Every small problem of customers is our big problem, So Chantecpack is also constantly improving, breaking through the existing technology in terms of packaging accuracy, packaging speed and cost saving, so as to better serve the production enterprises.

Generally, the batching door and the batching door are opened at the same time at the beginning of feeding, and the batching door is closed when a certain value is reached; The dosing door will be closed when it feeds for 2-3 seconds again and reaches the specified value; The vibration feeding fluctuation is fed again for 0.5-3 seconds. When the fluctuation is reached, the vibration feeding fluctuation is closed and the feeding begins.

If it is necessary to replace the packaging raw materials, it is necessary to manually open the seasoning door and the batching door several times to eliminate the residual corner waste after the next package of the current type of silo is finished.

In addition, pay attention not to change the basic parameters such as rated value, minimum operating value, maximum operating value and fluctuation in the feeding process of the ton-bag packaging machine. The basic parameters should be changed before packaging or feeding, otherwise the net weight of the package will be disturbed; In addition, it is also necessary to check whether there are residual materials by pulling the mixing door and the mixing door before use.

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Post time: Mar-14-2023
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