How to adapt traditional packaging to the rapid growth of nut market

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of residents’ living and consumption level, leisure snacks, especially nuts, such as peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, walnuts, Bigen nuts and dried fruits, are popular among consumers because of their health, delicious and other characteristics. Data shows that sales volume increased from 97 billion 500 million in 2012 to over 150 billion yuan in Chinese mainland alone. Among them, the market prospect of “daily nuts” will exceed 10 billion in 2019 and 20 billion in 2022. The growth of the global market is even more gratifying.

Faced with the huge space for the growth of nut snack market, the related nut snack processing machinery and equipment, such as quantitative weighing and packaging equipment for materials, obviously ushered in a good development opportunity. In the traditional market, the single wholesale vacuum packaging is the main type. Now, the nut snack market accelerates to serve the canned and zipper self-supporting bag packaging for social gift giving, which is beautiful in form and easy to separate; As well as office workers prefer to eat in the office convenient daily nuts mixed small packaging. It is necessary for traditional enterprises to update their packaging forms when they complete the structural upgrading and seize the market opportunity. Now, we chantecpack will introduce three new kinds of packing machines

1. The rotary 8 stations premade zipper doypack pouch bag packing machine

2. The high speed vertical VFFS form fill seal sachet packaging machine

3. The granule bottles jars tins cans multiheads weighing filling seaming canning packaging machine

Post time: Jul-12-2021
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