Everything you want to know about the bag in bag secondary packaging machine is here

Product Name: bag in bag secondary packaging line 

Scope of application: 

Food industry: cereal, dates, snack food, daily nuts, candy, beans, seafood, milk powder, soybean powder, black sesame powder, lotus root powder, brown sugar powder, probiotics, etc 

Medicine industry: anti-cold drug, health care products, probiotics, Chinese herbal pieces, etc 

Chemical industry: Veterinary Medicine, pesticide, fertilizer, feed, etc 

Equipment parameters: 

1. Applicable packaging range of the unit: 150g-1000g small bag products. 

2. Packaging material: composite film plastic bag 

3. Packing speed: 25-30 bags / min for large bags and 250-500 bags / min for small bags; The packing speed varies according to the product


Sample package:



Working video:

Post time: Sep-22-2021
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