Do you know what are the characteristics of fully automatic packaging equipment production lines

With the continuous changes in market demand and the rapid development of high-tech, the packaging industry, which originally required a large number of manual participation, is also undergoing changes. Manual semi auto packaging and single packaging unit are no longer able to meet the efficient and meticulous requirements of large-scale product packaging, and due to the development of industrial technology, automated packaging assembly lines have emerged and are widely used in the manufacturing and logistics industries.


The fully automatic case packaging production line integrates functions such as cardboard box forming, automatic packaging, and automatic sealing. It can be personalized designed and manufactured according to different packaging requirements of customers, greatly improving the safety and accuracy of the packaging field. In fact, automatic packaging production lines are not a simple combination of multiple different packaging equipment, and the most appropriate combination needs to be made according to the different products of the enterprise, in order to simplify the path and improve efficiency. There are various types of automatic packaging production lines, and the products packaged are also different. However, overall, they can be divided into four components: control systems, automatic packaging machines, conveying devices, and auxiliary process devices.


(1) Control system

In the automatic packaging production line, the control system plays a role similar to the human brain, connecting all the equipment in the production line into an organic whole. The control system mainly consists of a work cycle control device, a signal processing device, and a detection device. With the development of science and technology, various high-tech technologies, such as CNC technology, photoelectric control, computer control, etc., have been widely adopted in packaging automatic production lines, making the control system more complete, reliable, and efficient.


(2) Automatic packaging machine

Automatic packaging machine is a type of machine equipment that does not require direct involvement of operators, is mainly controlled by the operating system, and automatically coordinates the actions of various mechanisms within a specified time to complete packaging operations. The automatic packaging machine is the most basic process equipment on the packaging automatic production line, and is the main body of the packaging automatic production line. It mainly includes equipment that completes the transportation, supply, measurement, filling, sealing, labeling, and other operations of packaging materials (or packaging containers) and the packaged materials, such as filling machines, filling machines, packing machines, bundling machines, sealing machines, and so on.


(3) Conveying device

The conveying device is an important device that connects various automatic packaging machines that have completed partial packaging, making it an automatic line. It is responsible for the transmission task between packaging processes, and allows packaging materials (or packaging containers) and packaged materials to enter the packaging automatic production line, and the finished products to leave the packaging automatic production line. The commonly used conveying devices are roughly divided into two types: gravity type and power type. Power type conveying devices are devices that use the driving force of a power source (such as an electric motor) to transport materials. They are the most commonly used conveying devices in packaging automatic production lines. They can not only achieve conveying from high to ground, but also from low to high, and the conveying speed is stable and reliable.


(4) Auxiliary process equipment

In the automatic packaging production line, in order to meet the process requirements and enable the production line to work in a rhythmic and coordinated manner, it is necessary to configure some auxiliary process devices, such as steering devices, diversion devices, merging devices, etc.


The automatic packaging production line has promoted the development of packaging production lines towards intelligence and automation. Faced with huge market potential, the automatic packaging production line innovatively improves the control of machinery over items through the use of cloud computing technology, thereby better meeting customers’ needs for logistics packaging, achieving accurate calculation of material quantitative packaging, and achieving high-speed filling and automatic control of the packaging process. In the development of automatic packaging production lines, the requirement for integrated management and control is also increasing. Improve the industry’s adaptability to the market through technological innovation, in order to better meet customers’ needs for logistics packaging.

Post time: Sep-11-2023
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