Do you know how to maintain the servo weigher?

To ensure that the fully auto servo multiheads servo weigher can maintain good and stable operation at all times, we need to check the platform that supporting the packaging scale maintains sufficient stability, and it is not allowed to directly connect the scale body and vibrating equipment together. During work, materials should be evenly added to ensure uniform, stable, and sufficient incoming materials. After completing the work of each packaging scale, the site should be cleaned in a timely manner and whether lubricating oil needs to be added to the weighing body should be checked.


When using packaging scales, attention should be paid to controlling their workload and avoiding overloading to prevent sensor damage. After replacing the instrument or sensor, if there are special circumstances, the scale body should be calibrated. In addition, all components of the scale body should be regularly cleaned and inspected to ensure everything is normal and to maintain good cleanliness of the equipment.


Before switch on the weighing machine, attention should be paid to providing appropriate and stable power supply for the packaging scale, and ensuring its good grounding. It should be noted that the motor reducer should undergo an oil change after operating for 2000 hours, and then every 6000 hours. In addition, when using spot welding for maintenance on or around the scale body, it should be noted that the sensor and welding wire should not form a current circuit.

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Post time: Nov-01-2023
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