Do you know how to maintain the fully auto 5-50kg animal feed packing machine?

With the rapid development and expansion of the current packaging industry, the performance and development trend of 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg 40kg 45kg 50kg animal feed automatic packaging machines have also been greatly improved. The staff only need to place the preformed bags on the bag magazine of the premade pouch automatic packaging machine, then the machine will achieve functions such as automatic bag picking, automatic bag opening, automatic filling, and automatic bag sewing and transportation. In this way, compared to traditional packaging methods, the bag type feed automatic packaging machine, designed by the feed packaging machine manufacturer, saves a lot of labor costs and improves work efficiency during the working process.

At the same time, to avoid machine malfunctions and economic losses to enterprises, we should pay attention to the following points:


1. Product missing fault

Due to the compatibility between the materials that need to be packaged and the machine itself, there was no equipment shutdown in the packaging. However, if the packaged products are missing or increased, multiple defense lines should be set up in the subsequent process for control. At the same time, the matching between equipment and the cooperation between actions should be adjusted to a synchronous state. Maintenance personnel should be familiar with the working principle of the equipment, be good at adjusting, and make regular corrections, Effectively work before the frequency of faults occurs.


2. Transmission failure

Transmission faults manifest as system failure, loss of synchronization in mechanism operation, and so on. This type of malfunction is generally caused by improper operation, equipment vibration causing fasteners to loosen, etc. Once a malfunction occurs, it often causes significant damage to the equipment and long downtime. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow operating procedures, strengthen equipment maintenance and pre repair, and eliminate faults in their early stages.


3. Packaging raw materials and product transportation faults

The main faults include product blockage in the conveying channel. The reasons for this type of malfunction are not only due to the product itself and its own incompatibility as mentioned earlier, but also due to improper adjustment of the channel size of the equipment and dirt in the operating channel. It is necessary to strengthen equipment maintenance and pre repair, improve equipment adjustment accuracy, and enhance the operational level of employees

Post time: Dec-18-2023
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