Daily recommendation of rolled oats packing machine

Oats have the effects of reducing blood fat, blood sugar and satiety. In order to make oatmeal more popular with contemporary people, there are many forms of products, such as fruit oatmeal, nut oatmeal, mixed oatmeal, and cereals. The packaging equipment they adopted are also very different. Here’s a detailed introduction:


Vertical VFFS packaging machine: the unit is composed of a vertical form fill seal packing machine, a combination multiheads weigher scale and a bucket elevator. It integrates weighing, bag forming, folding, filling, sealing, printing, hole punching and counting. It can pack back seal pillow bags, gusset bags, block bottom seal quad bags, etc. with stable and reliable actions.


Rotary bag given packaging machine (small pouches into big premade stand up doypack bags): packaging process: bag loading – coding – zipper opening – bag opening – filling – dust removing – heat sealing – shaping. Convenient bag width adjustment: it is controlled by the motor, and each group of grippers can be adjusted synchronously with only one button. 304/316 stainless steel or food grade plastic shall be used for parts in contact with materials, meeting the hygiene requirements


Precision formula packaging machine: Accurately proportioning a variety of materials and packaging after mixing. For example, if oats need to be mixed with raisins, almonds, pistachios, fruit freeze-drying, etc. of a certain weight ratio, 24/32 head mixing combination scales and vibrating feeders are required for use


Cans bottle filling machine: changepack can provide the one stop purchase of whole cereal filling packing line equipment including 8.bottle unscrambler table, UV Sterilizater, filling machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, cap screwing capping machine, labeling, carton box erector, case sealer,  strapping and robot palletizer stacking

Post time: Nov-28-2022
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