Daily recommendation of Fully Automatic Packaging and Robot Palletizer line

A complete set of fully automatic packaging and palletizing production line is generally equipped with packaging bag shaping machines, gripping conveyor, buffer conveyor, robot palletizing machine body, automatic supply tray storage, safety zone protection devices, robot fixtures, electrical control systems, etc.


The fully automatic packaging and palletizing production line conveys materials through a conveyor to the front of the shaping machine, organizes and flattens the packaging bags. Then, when the packaging bags reach the grasping position, the palletizing robot automatically detects the light sensitivity. After detecting the signal, the packaging materials are stacked, turned, and then automatically stacked to complete the palletizing process.


The usage rate of palletizing robots in industries that produce more powder or granular particulate matter is relatively high, with machines accounting for 80% and manpower accounting for 20%. Most of the work in these factories can already be completed automatically by machines, and they will have a complete set of semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging production lines. In the long run, the fully automated packaging and palletizing production line can bring significant economic benefits to factories.


The Chantecpack palletizing packing production line includes components such as belt conveyor, grader, shaping machine, packaging machine, waiting machine, robot, robot gripper, ton packaging and small packaging mechanism, and safety fence. These components are widely used in the fields of building materials, chemicals, food, and other fields. Through efficient automation technology, the steps of packaging, palletizing, and packaging of ton bags have been achieved. Production line. Chantecpack will continue to uphold the concept of quality first and provide customers with the most suitable and efficient production processes.

Post time: Sep-25-2023
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