Daily recommendation of freeze dried snack food packing machine

In recent years, the global demand for freeze-dried food has increased year by year. In the early 1970s, the global output of freeze-dried food was only about 200000 tons, and reached tens of millions of tons in the 1990s. The freeze-drying process offers the flexibility to remove moisture content and preserve almost any fruit or vegetable. Take a look at our products, and you can see the variety – everything from apples to zucchini. But apart from sheer variety, the major advantage of freeze-drying lies in the ability to produce clean, whole and nutritious food ingredients with a highly prolonged shelf life, making food products versatile, accessible and convenient. Taking freeze-dried fruit as an example, as a healthy food, freeze-dried fruit can not only solve the economic problems of fruit planting, but also meet the diversified needs of consumers. Some experts pointed out that freeze-dried fruits are more ideal than candied fruits with high salt and sugar content. At present, freeze-dried fruit has been recognized as high-grade dehydrated fruit, and its consumption is growing rapidly in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions. 

Industry insiders pointed out that the market prospect of freeze-dried food in China is very broad. On the one hand, the freeze-dried food industry belongs to the field of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products. China is rich in agricultural and sideline products with many varieties, good quality and low price. It is urgent to realize value-added through deep processing. The development of freeze-dried food industry can become an important channel for the value-added of agricultural products. On the other hand, with the structural change of China’s consumer demand, freeze-dried food, as the development direction of China’s food industry, will become a new growth point of convenience food industry. With broad market prospects and policy support, China’s freeze-dried food market can be expected in the future. Efforts should be made to develop the freeze-drying industry, in which the “assistance” of packaging machinery and equipment is certainly indispensable. Ieco hereby recommends suitable and excellent packaging machines to help enterprises deeply cultivate the Chinese market.

1. The preformed ziplock doypack freeze dried strawberry mango durian slice food pouch bag packing machine

Premade zipper doypack pouch bag packing machine


2. The fully auto freeze dried canned food filling sealing packaging machinery

canned freeze dried food packing machine

Post time: Mar-14-2022
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