Daily recommendation of carton erector and case sealing machine

The carton erector machine is mainly used for the packaging of corrugated cardboard etc. It is divided into vertical, horizontal, single-axis and multi-axis Carton Box Erector Machine, which is an indispensable process in the packaging assembly line.


The width of the box can be adjusted by opening the width adjustment switch inside the Case Erecting Case Packer. There is a chuck device on the box board that can be inserted to facilitate whether the pin is inserted in place during the unpacking operation.

② After opening a carton, the machine continues to work until the next carton is opened. When the machine is running, pay attention to: (1) Check whether the switches are normal; (2) Check whether the contacts of each switch are burnt or worn; (3) When the machine is running, prevent sundries from entering the operating space and causing personal injury; (4) If it is necessary to add lubricating oil or replace lubricating grease in use, cut off the power supply first, and then cut off the power supply of the machine.


Carton sealing machine refers to the packaging equipment that completes carton sealing through pneumatic control and mechanical control, which is divided into two types: adhesive tape sealing and hot melt glue sealing.


The packaging height of the case sealer machine can be adjusted according to the user’s needs; ● The machine adopts PLC control system, which has a variety of automatic functions, and can be set with shutdown time and automatic shutdown protection functions; ● It has multiple safety devices and safety devices, which can automatically stop and protect when the carton breaks· Automatically adjust the size and height of the carton· The pneumatic clamping method is adopted to prevent the deformation and damage of the carton and improve the sealing effect.

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Post time: Feb-13-2023
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