Automatic chicken essence seasoning stand up pouch packaging machine escorts the steady growth of food industry

Cooking three meals a day is inseparable from all kinds of condiments. In East Asian cuisine, in addition to the common salt and soy sauce, chicken essence is also a highly used seasoning. The main purpose of the combination of sodium glutamate and flavoring nucleotides in chicken essence is to bring delicious food without adverse effects on the human body. However, these condiments have no high nutritional value, but they also contain salt. If they are used with salt, pay attention to the dosage to avoid excessive sodium intake. With more and more enterprises layout the chicken essence market, further improving its production technical specifications is of great significance to improve product quality.

Hereby, we chantecpack introduce you the mainstream form of chicken essence packaging- premade pouch chicken essence bag packaging machine

chicken essence seasoning powder premade doypack packing machine

The chicken essence seasoning powder doypack packing machine has a wide range of applications. It can be used for paper bag, plastic composite film bag, aluminum doypack, PE pouch, etc. with low packaging material loss. The packaging bag has beautiful patterns and good sealing quality, so as to improve the product grade; It can also be used for multiple purposes. It only needs different metering devices according to different materials, and can realize the full-automatic packaging of particles, powder, blocks, liquids, soft cans, toys, hardware and other products.

1. Quick change of packing bag specification: bag width and size can be adjusted automatically with one key.

2. Single shaft drive with inner cam design: faster packaging speed, more stable operation, simpler maintenance and less defective rate.

3. Alarm prompt: modular heating, more accurate temperature control, and alarm prompt for heating failure.

4. Humanized design concept: it reduces the loss of packaging materials, ensures the stability of equipment operation and prolongs the service life of equipment.

5. Simple and convenient operation: advanced PLC + pod (touch screen) electrical control system and friendly man-machine interface.

6. The machine has a wide range of packaging: it can package various baggable materials such as liquid, sauce, particle, powder and solid. It only needs to use different metering devices according to different materials.

7. The machine uses prefabricated packaging bags: beautiful packaging patterns and good sealing quality, so as to improve the quality and grade of products.

Post time: Oct-25-2021
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