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At present, the sugar substitutes used in the market mainly include xylitol, erythritol, maltitol, etc.

Xylitol is a highly recognized sugar substitute in the baking industry, and its use frequency is also high. In baked goods, xylitol can be replaced with sucrose by 1:1. Xylitol is mostly used in some sugar free baked biscuits and bread products on the market, especially in pre packaged baked goods, the use of xylitol has been very mature.

Erythritol is a sugar substitute with little effect on blood glucose fluctuation, so it can also be used in baking. However, it also does not have Maillard reaction with protein, which affects the color and flavor of the product. In addition, erythritol has low solubility and is easy to precipitate, which affects the texture and taste. Moreover, because the sweetness is 65% – 70% of sucrose, it needs to be compounded when used to improve the sweetness.

Maltitol can be widely used in baking, first of all, because its sweetness is about 90% of sucrose, and its sweet characteristics are close to sucrose; At the same time, maltitol has good water retention. When used in cake, it can significantly reduce the surface tension of egg liquid, improve the stability of foam and improve the quality of cake. However, maltitol has tolerance problems, and excessive intake may lead to diarrhea, so attention should be paid to the dosage.

Although the above several common sugar substitutes are good, they cannot be replaced 100%, so they need to correspond to different sugar substitutes, and in order to achieve better product presentation, they also need to mix sugar substitutes.

What are the packaging forms of sugar substitutes?

Let’s take the most common xylitol packaging on the market as an example: 

1. Preformed pouch bag xylitol filling weighing sealing machine. This kind of premade doypack pouch packaging form is suit for small-scale family use and easy to save. 

Premade zipper doypack pouch bag xylitol packing machine


2. The automatic bottle jar packing filling sealing capping labeling machine.  Bottled xylitol is also a common packing form in the market, easy to transport, store and has beautiful package shape

xylitol tin can packing machine


3. 25kg(5-50kg) big bag powder packaging machine robot palletizer, suitable for food manufacturers, baking workshops and other enterprises with large consumption. 

25kg heavy bag packing robot palletizer

Post time: Jul-26-2022
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