What is the development status of automatic cartoning machine

The automatic cartoning machine is to put the medicine bottle, medicine plate, ointment, etc. into the folding carton actively and finish the action of closing the box. Some of the automatic cartoning machines have additional functions such as sealing label or heat shrinkable wrapping.

cartoning machine

Product features:

1. The multifunctional automatic cartoning machine can automatically complete the folding of instructions, carton forming, opening, block packing, batch printing and sealing. And can be equipped with hot melt adhesive system to complete hot melt adhesive sealing.

2. The multifunctional automatic cartoning machine is controlled by PLC. Photoelectric monitoring of all parts of the action, abnormal operation, can automatically stop the display of causes, in order to timely eliminate the fault.

3. The main drive motor and clutch brake are installed inside the machine, and the torque overload protector of each part of the transmission system is installed on the machine board. Under the overload condition, the main drive motor can be separated from each transmission part to ensure the safety of the whole machine.

4. The multifunctional automatic packing machine is equipped with intelligent detection device. If there is no material, the manual and carton will not be automatically removed. If the waste products (no drug plate and instruction manual) are found in the inspection process, they will be removed at the exit to ensure that the product quality can fully meet the requirements.

5. The multifunctional automatic cartoning machine can be used alone, or linked with blister packaging machine and other equipment to form a complete set of production line.

6. The multifunctional automatic cartoning machine can change the packing specifications according to the different requirements of users. It is easy to adjust and debug. It is suitable for the production of large quantities of single variety, and can meet the needs of small batch and multi variety production.


Compared with other cartoning machines, pharmaceutical cartoning machines need to insert drug instructions, the cartons should be randomly printed with the date of production, product batch number, expiry date, etc. (such as the supervision code of special drugs). The counting calculation of cartons should meet the requirements of counting and distribution in article 4703 of the standards for inspection and evaluation of GMP certification; Check the quality of the inner packing drugs, in addition, the medicine packing machine can be used to the requirement of changing batch / time.

Generally speaking, the cartoning machine can be used alone, and can also be connected with packaging machines and other equipment to form a production line. At present, there are various kinds of cartoning machines on the market, and their functions are also different. According to different structures, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal cartoning machines.

In the meantime, the speed of vertical packing machine is relatively fast, but the scale of packaging is relatively small, generally only for single products such as drug plate.

In view of the characteristics of vertical cartoning machine, it is suitable for packing easily damaged and valuable items. Compared with the traditional horizontal cartoning machine, it can meet the requirements of packing special items.

In addition, according to the different models, the vertical cartoning machine can be divided into semi-automatic and automatic cartoning machines, and according to the production requirements, the continuous or intermittent packaging mode can be selected.

The horizontal cartoner can pack a variety of products, such as medicine, food, hardware, auto parts, etc.

It is reported that the horizontal box filling machine is a high-tech product integrating mechanical, electrical, gas and light. It is mainly applicable to the packaging of aluminum plastic medicine plates, medicine bottles, cosmetics, cards, electronics and daily necessities, as well as similar articles. It has the initiative to complete the folding of operation instructions, opening of cartons, packing of articles, printing of batch numbers and sealing of boxes. The machine can be used alone or linked with other equipment to form a complete set of production line.


Post time: Jul-06-2020
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