What causes affect the packaging accuracy of the powder packaging machine

The development of packaging industry and automation technology promotes the rapid application of automatic packaging machines. At present, automatic packaging machine has been applied in many industries, such as food, medicine, chemical industry, agriculture and so on. Automatic packaging machine can be divided into powder packaging machine, particle granule packaging machine and liquid packaging machine according to the materials to be packaged. Each packaging machine has different measurement methods and accuracy. Powder packaging machines, especially small-dose baking powder packaging machines, have a packaging weight of less than 5-5000g, usually adopt the screw feeding method. Screw blanking is a volumetric metering method. Whether the volume of each screw pitch reaches the same specification is the basic condition for determining the metering accuracy of the soda washing powder packaging machine. Of course, the screw pitch, outer diameter, bottom diameter and screw blade shape will have an impact on the packaging accuracy and speed. The following is what you are most concerned about the accuracy of the wheat flour maize powder packaging machine. 


1. Screw pitch size

For example, if our powder packaging machine is used to pack 50g of disinfectant powder φ For the screw with an outer diameter of 30mm, the pitch we choose is 22mm, the accuracy of ± 0.5g is more than 80%, and the accuracy of ± 1g is more than 98%, but φ For a screw with an outer diameter of 30mm and a pitch of more than 50mm, the feeding speed is very fast but the metering accuracy is about ± 3 g. For customers, the packaging accuracy is directly related to the product cost. Which specification much better is clear at a glance!


2. Screw outer diameter

Generally speaking, the powder packaging machine is generally determined according to the packaging specification when selecting screw metering, and the specific weight of materials will also be considered for appropriate adjustment. For example, when packing 100g corn starch in our small-dose packaging machine, the screw with a diameter of 38mm is generally selected. However, when packing glucose with high bulk density, the screw with a diameter of 32mm is also used. That is to say, the larger the packing specification, the larger the outer diameter of the selected screw, so as to ensure both the packing speed and the measurement accuracy.

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Post time: Aug-15-2022
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