Under what circumstances should the premade bag packaging machine be automatically shut down?

With the process of industrial automation, the premade pouch bag packing machine has entered people’s vision. It is widely used for high efficiency, saving labor and management costs, also greatly reducing costs.

Instead of manual packaging, the 8stations bag given packaging machine realizes packaging automation for enterprises. As long as operators put hundreds of bags in the bag magazine at one time, the equipment will automatically pick up bags, print date, open bags, give signals to the measuring weigher device , filling, sealing and output.

But in some cases, the preformed zipper doypack pouch packaging machine will automatic shutdown. Let’s dig in the reasons.


(1) The products in the weigher were used up. we just need add the new products.

(2) The bags were used up. we just need add the new pouches in the bag magazine.

(3) Motor overload protection has been activated. please check thermal relay, motor load and mechanical overload factor.

(4) The temperature is abnormal. please check the voltage and temperature sensor of the heating rod.


In addition, the cleaning of the rotary premade bag packaging machine should be carried out regularly, which cannot be ignored to avoid machine failure.

Every time before using the packaging machine, the operator needs to clean it. Some floating ash, waste film, etc. should be removed. Key parts such as heat sealing device should be carefully cleaned to avoid unnecessary failures.

After stop running the packing machine, it is also necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleaning. Some places that are difficult to clean can be blown with high-pressure air. Meanwhile it is necessary to keep the environment clean. Expect the regular lubrication and maintenance of the bag packing machine, the lubricating oil should be changed every half a month, and some old oil and grease should be cleaned up before refueling.

If the machine is shut down for a long time, the lubricating oil should be applied after comprehensive cleaning, and the whole equipment should be covered with plastic film or tarpaulin to prevent dust and other impurities from polluting the bag packaging machine.

Premade zipper doypack pouch bag xylitol packing machine

Post time: Sep-13-2022
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