The vertical automatic bag into bag secondary packaging machine helps you improve efficiency and reduce cost

Vertical automatic bag into bag secondary packaging machine can automatically pack small bags into large bags. In our daily life, we often see puffed food, granule medicine, soybean milk powder, drip coffee powder, spicy seasoning, cereal flakes, candy, salt, seeds, sugar and other products with independent small package that convenient for consumers to use,also could avoid cause waste. In order to facilitate consumers, businesses usually pack 10 or more packages of spicy food, soybean powder granules, granule granules, etc. in an outer bag. 

The small bags of granular or liquid product packaged by small packaging machine pass through conveyor line, elevator and shaping equipment and then fall into the large packaging machine orderly or unorderly, and are packaged into bag-in-bag product after being shaped or evacuated by the large packaging machine. Process flow: automatic small packaging machine → counting and shaping line → elevation and conveying line → counting and buffer bin → large packaging machine or evacuation → finished product conveying line.

We chantecpack vertical baling machine secondary small pouch into big woven sacks packing line suit for  vegetables seeds, medicine, health care products, rice flour, herb tea and other industries. Welcome for inquiry!



Post time: Nov-16-2020
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