The upgrading of pet food industry is inseparable from the cat food and dog snack feed packaging machines

In recent years, thanks to the rapid growth of the market scale of the pet industry, the market potential of the pet food industry has been released rapidly. In the pet food segment, the consumption of PET staple food and pet snacks is growing rapidly, which also makes the number of enterprises entering the pet food market increase, and then intensifies the market competition. Pet food packaging machine keeps improving in today’s highly competitive market and helps the healthy development of pet food industry.

We chantecpack offer pet food vertical packing machine, pet food premade pouch rotary packaging machine, pet food tin can filling machine and pet foof semi-auto bagging machine, you can choose based on different bag shape and weight:

1. Vertical pet food form fill seal granules packing machine

pet food quad bag  vertical packing machine

Packaging scope: pillow bags, quad bags and hole punch gusset bags for pet feed food particles such as cat food, dog food, aquatic feed, bird food, mouse food and fish food.

Equipment features:

It is composed of vertical filling and packaging machine, multi heads scale weighing machine and bucket elevator, which integrates weighing, bag making, folding, filling, sealing, printing, punching and counting, and uses servo motor synchronous belt to pull film. All control components are international famous brand products, with possible performance. The horizontal seal and vertical seal are pneumatic, and the action is stable and reliable. The advanced design ensures that the machine is very convenient for adjustment, operation and maintenance.


2. Automatic zip lock premade pouch pet snack food weighing filling machine

rotary pet food premade pouch filling machine

Equipment features:

1). Packaging process: bag loading(suit for flat pouch, stand-up pouch, gusset bags, box bags, zipper pouch, suction nozzles bags, special-shaped pouch, etc.)  – Coding – bag opening – filling 1 (vibration) – filling 2(secondary filling / dust removal) – Cleaning – sealing 1 (exhaust) – sealing 2 – output

2). Easy operation: PLC control, man-machine interface;

3). Convenient adjustment of bag width: controlled by motor, each group of machine clips can be adjusted synchronously through one button;

4). No bag or incomplete bag opening, no feeding;

5). No bag opening and no blanking.

6). No bag or feeding, no sealing;

7). Door opening and shutdown alarm (optional);

8). No ribbon shutdown alarm;

9). Insufficient air pressure, alarm prompt;

10). Abnormal sealing temperature, alarm prompt;

11). 304 / 316 stainless steel or food grade plastic is used for the part in contact with materials, which meets the sanitary requirements.


3. Semi automatic animal feed bagging packaging machine

semi auto pet food bagging machine

Scope of application:

Cat food, dog food, cat litter, pig feed, cattle feed, chicken feed, rabbit food, beef granules, freeze-dried chicken pieces, etc

Equipment features:

1). Manual bag loading, pneumatic bag clamping,  fully auto weighing and filling

2). The menu operation is simple and intuitive

3). Independent weighing system, weighing accuracy 2%, fast speed

4). The materials shall not agglomerate or damage the material form during packaging; Materials are not easy to remain in the packaging machine and are easy to clean

5). It is suitable for weighing bulk materials. The weighing device adopts load sensor with reliable performance. All stainless steel sealed body, with anti-corrosion and dust-proof effects. Comply with GMP, HACCP and other production standards. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, food, condiment and other industries.

Post time: Oct-11-2021
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