The packing process of automatic side load case packing machine

We chantecpack full-automatic side load case packing machine is applicable to the packaging of regular products such as cigarette box, medicine box, cosmetic box, plastic box, poker card, etc.; it can realize the product re-arrange and combination; connect with the front equipment, automatically location the side opening of the carton to ensure the smooth packing and no worries about the carton. Now, let’s share the packing process of this case packer:

The machine adopts touch screen control panel and independent electric box configuration, which can be used alone or connected to production line; it is equipped with air source processing elements to filter water vapor and other impurities in the air; the products are arranged and combined in layers and groups. After the first layer stacking, the stacking mechanism descends one layer to stack the next layer of products; when the third layer stacking of products is completed, the stacking mechanism rises to the position to be packed. As shown in the figure, the product is ready to be packed:

side load case packers


The cartons opened by the unpacking machine are sent to the position ready for packing by roller conveying; the sensors detect the cartons, the PLC controls the start of the cylinder at the bottom of the cartons, pushes the cartons into the position of packing, the side opening of the cartons automatically opens and positions, and the side pushing mechanism pushes the products into the cartons, as shown in the figure:

side load case packers1

Push the cartons containing the products back to the roller conveyor, and push the side pushing mechanism back to prepare the next group of products for packing, and the products are packed, as shown in the figure:

side load case packers2

Post time: Jun-08-2020
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