The difference between top load gravity case packer and robotic pick up and place case packer

What marks the expressiveness of the automatic drop type gravity case packing machine and the grab type pick up and place case packing machine is the way how package product enter into the carton case. Drop type top load case packing machine uses drop box buffer device to realize flexible drop into case box, and grab type robotic case packing machine makes bottle be grabbed into carton through double four-bar linkage mechanism.

The chantecpack full-automatic robotic type case packing line can grasp and put bottles by filling and venting the robot hand. The bottles can be accurately and reliably loaded into the box from the bottle conveying table through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electrical control. It is mainly used for packing glass bottles, PET bottles and other bottled products, like mineral water, edible palm oil, red wine

pick up and place case packer

The chantecpack automatic drop type case packing line is to effectively move the whole row of bottles to the top of the carton. According to the packing requirements, the automatic whole column ensures that the packaged products fall into the carton through the positioning device. It is mainly used for packing bags or large containers like frozen food, salt, sugar, rice, seeds, pesticides, veterinary drugs, fertilizer

gravity type case packer

Post time: Nov-03-2020
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