Technology upgrading of the rice crust packaging machine strongly promotes the development of this industry

As a segment of the snack food industry, the market of rice crustsnack is showing a rising trend of development. Statistics show that there are more than 200 enterprises producing rice crust in China, with a market size of more than 4billion yuan and an annual compound growth rate of 20%, higher than the overall growth rate of the snack food industry. In the context of consumption upgrading, there is still much room for the development of rice crust food market.

1. The rice crust VFFS vertical mutli heads weigher packing machine

rice crust VFFS weighing packing machine



2. The premade zipper doypack pouch bag crispy rice crust snack packaging machine

crispy rice Premade zipper doypack pouch bag packing machine


3. The rice crust chips puff food bottle filling packaging labeling machine

rice crust tin can packing machine

Post time: Jun-13-2022
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