Powder automatic packaging production line, CHANTECPACK takes you into the production ment of food additives

After being used in food industry, food additives play the following important roles: improving and improving the sensory indexes of food such as color, fragrance, taste and taste. It is beneficial to the storage and transportation of food and prolongs the shelf life of food. Increase the variety of food. The shelves of the food supermarket are full of all kinds of food. It is beneficial to food processing operation and improves economic and social benefits. Therefore, enterprises choose the right food additive packaging machine, which is helpful to improve the production efficiency and seize the market share.We chantecpack introduce you our rotary powder premade zipper doypack pouch packing machine:

It is suitable for automatic filling of powder and small particles, such as powder, small particle medicine, veterinary medicine, glucose, condiment, solid beverage, carbon powder, talcum powder, pesticide, food additive, etc.


The external structure of the machine is made of stainless steel, and the combination transparent type is adopted. The material in the plan can be observed by naked eyes. In addition, the machine is equipped with a height adjusting hand wheel with reasonable position relative to the screw powder measuring production line, which is very convenient to adjust the head height. In the aspect of product replacement, the machine adopts the spiral type, which can adapt to various materials such as ultrafine powder, small particles, etc. At the same time, the machine can be equipped with the following devices: leak proof centrifugal device, pneumatic valve device, dust removal device, horizontal open type imagination, tank supporting device, online weighing and metering device, etc.

Functional features:

1. Servo motor and servo drive control screw have stable performance and high precision. PLC, touch screen and weighing module control.

2. Various product adjustment parameter formulas can be stored and used after preparation, with a maximum of 10 formulas stored.

3. It is simple and convenient to replace the screw accessories, and can realize the conversion between various materials quickly.

CHANTECPACK always adheres to the business philosophy of “customer first”. Only with the latest technology design concept can we produce products and equipment that satisfy consumers more. The powder material measuring and packaging production line sells well all over the country and is exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc., and is recognized by many well-known enterprises. If necessary, please call +86 18656940167 for consultation.

Post time: Jun-15-2020
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