Packaging safety of frozen food is the highest responsibility of IQF supplier

At present, as an important means to ensure the safety and health of frozen food, IQF packaging has been paid more attention. But in the actual production, the packaging of quick-frozen food needs to be improved from the following aspects:

1. The characteristics of frozen food and the required protection conditions.

The sensitive factors affecting the main components of frozen food, especially fat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients were studied, including light, oxygen, temperature, microorganism, physical, mechanical and other factors, as well as the market positioning, transportation mode, climate and geographical conditions of the circulation area. Only by mastering the biological, chemical, physical characteristics and sensitive factors of packaged quick-frozen food, and determining the required protection conditions, can we determine what kind of packaging materials and packaging technology should be selected for packaging operation, so as to achieve its protection function and appropriately extend its storage period.

2. Reasonable packaging structure design. According to the protective requirements of quick-frozen food, it is necessary to estimate the packaging cost, packaging quantity and other conditions to carry out reasonable packaging design, including the design of container shape, compressive strength, structural form, size, sealing method, etc. we should try our best to achieve reasonable packaging structure, save materials, save transportation space and conform to the trend of the times, and avoid excessive packaging and deceptive packaging.

3. Packaging standards and regulations. At the same time, the packaging should strictly comply with the national standards and regulations, and carry out packaging testing, such as the strength and strength of the packaging bag; Heat sealing strength test of packaging bag; Opening performance test of packaging bag; The impact property of the packaging bag was tested; Sealing test of packaging bag; Tear test of packaging bag; Heat resistance; Oil resistance test. Only in this way can we ensure the smooth progress of raw material supply, packaging operation, commodity circulation and international trade.

Hereby, we chantecpack introduce you two type of packing line specialised on frozen food industry

1. The VFFS vertical form fill seal frozen chicken nuggets/meat balls/cuttlefish/shrimp/dumplings packaging machine+ multi heads combination weigher+ inclined elevator


2. The rotary 8stations premade zipper doypack pouch bag packing machine for IQF dried fruit/strawberry/peas/broccoli

frozen food  packing machine

Post time: Jul-05-2021
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