How to quickly and correctly adjust the VFFS packing machine color code?

The common vertical packaging machines on the market are granule vertical packaging machines which can package nuts, cereal, candy, cat food, grain, etc; The liquid packaging machine can package honey, jam, mouthwash, lotion, etc; The powder packaging machine can package flour, starch, ready mixed powder, dye, etc., which can realize the integration of metering, bag making, packaging, sealing, printing and counting, saving labor and effectively helping the development of enterprises.

How to quickly and correctly adjust the vertical packing machine color code? Next, we chantecpack will give you a brief introduction, which can be used as a reference.


1) Adjust the distance between the optical fiber head to make the packaging film and the optical fiber head 3~5mm.


2) Set the mode switch conversion to Set and NON positions.


3) Press the ON button once when aiming at the black punctuation, and the red indicator light will be on.


4) Press the OFF button when aiming at the bottom color of the color marker, and the green indicator light will be on.


5) Turn the mode switch to Lock. (Finish setting.)


6) Measure the length of the bicolor punctuation point, set the bag length 10~20 ㎜ longer than the bicolor punctuation point on the touch screen parameter 1 screen and save it; Return to the automatic screen and turn on color tracking; Return to the manual screen, press the empty bag once, visually check the position distance of the bag cutter, turn the straight handle to move the cursor forward or backward, press the empty bag once again, and adjust the cutter to the desired position

Post time: Nov-09-2022
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