How to distinguish different case packer forms and application scope

Case packing machine is a kind of automatic packaging technology equipment which can load containers into plastic or cardboard cartons in a certain arrangement. It can meet the requirements of different sizes of containers, including PET bottles, glass bottles, round bottles, elliptical bottles, square cans, cans and shaped bottles. It is widely used in packaging production lines of beer, beverage and food industries.

The gravity top load Drop type case packer is through the whole line of conveyor regularly transported to the top of the carton, and then the flexible drop device will vertically drop the products into various packaging boxes (bags) to achieve the purpose of packing (bags). Drop type packing machine is characterized by small floor area and low manufacturing cost, so it is widely used. It is not only suitable for Baili bag, sauce products, seasoning (sugar, salt, etc.) products, quick-frozen food, cooked food and other soft bag packaging products. It can also be used in the packing of special shaped bottle mouth container and large volume container, such as washing liquid, oil barrel and other products. Chantecpack machinery has rich experience in design and production of drop packing machine, which is second to none in China. We chantecpack have completed the packing production line of soft packing bags in many dairy factories and food factories.

top load case packer


The Robotic Pick Up and Place Case PackerĀ machine, with continuous reciprocating operation, can accurately load the bottles continuously transported into the equipment into the cartons according to the correct arrangement, and the boxes filled with bottles can be automatically transported out of the equipment. The equipment maintains high stability during operation, simple operation and good protection for products.

Robotic Pick Up and Place Case Packer


The working principle of the side load wrap roundĀ  automatic case packing machine is to push a product or a bundle of products into the box and complete the carton sealing after the carton forming, folding and glue spraying actions. It is especially suitable for the production, transportation and packaging line, and transportation, bundling, wrapping, palletizing and other automation equipment.

side load wrap around case packing machine

Post time: Oct-26-2020
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