How to adjust the color code of vertical packaging machines

The vertical packaging machine can package granular such as nuts, cereal, candy, cat food, grains, etc; Liquids such as honey, jam, mouthwash, lotion, etc; Powders such as flour, starch, ready-mixed baking powder etc. VFFS form fill seal packing machine can achieve the integration of measurement, bag forming, packaging, sealing, printing, and counting, efficiently assisting the development of enterprises.


The working principle of a fully automatic vertical packaging machine is to place the drum film on a support device, bypass the guide rod group and tensioning device, and detect the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material through a photoelectric detection control device. The film cylinder is wrapped on the surface of the filling tube through a lapel forming device. The vertical packaging machine not only has fast packaging speed, but also can automatically seal and cut.


So how to adjust the color code of the vertical machine? Next, let we chantecpack briefly introduce it to you as a reference.


1) Adjust the distance between the fiber optic head so that the packaging film is 3-5 mm away from the fiber optic head.


2) Set the mode switch to the Set and NON positions.


3) Press the ON button once when aligning with the black punctuation, and the red indicator light will light up.


4) Press the OFF button when aligning the base color of the color label, and the green indicator light will light up.


5) Switch the mode switch to Lock. (Complete the setup.)


6) Measure the length of the two color dots, set the bag length to be 10-20 mm longer than the two color dots on the touch screen parameter 1 screen, and save it; Return to the automatic screen and turn on color tracking; Return to the manual screen, press the empty bag once, visually measure the distance between the cutting edge of the bag, rotate the ruled handle to move the cursor forward or backward, and then press the empty bag once to test until the cutting knife reaches the desired position.


Post time: May-12-2023
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