Full automatic ton bag packaging machine production line helps manufacturers develop vigorously

Applicable scope of ton bag packaging machine:

Chemical industry, medicine, plastic, food additive, animal pet feed additive, metallurgical powder, ore powder, refractory.


Product performance of ton bag packaging machine production line:

The weighing and measuring method of gross weight is adopted for the weighing and measuring of ton bales. The coarse and fine materials are fed, and the loading is fast, easy to control and can be adjusted independently. The containerized bag is suspended on the weighing platform, and the whole bag hanging/stripping/clamping device is fixed at the bottom of the cylinder of the lifting mechanism and applied to the weighing platform, which can adapt to the size change of the packaging bag with a nominal volume of 1200~1400L. It has the functions of manually hanging the sling when empty bags are loaded, pneumatically clamping the bag mouth, automatically loosening the bag mouth when heavy bags are dropped, and automatically unhooking the sling.

In addition, combined with the modification of preset point parameters, the optimal proportion of coarse and fine feeding can be ensured, so as to ensure that the system can improve packaging speed on the premise of ensuring accuracy. At the same time, a butterfly valve is installed at the outlet of the single arc feeding gate, which can effectively control the material filling flow and prevent the residual materials from falling, thus affecting the packaging accuracy of the system and polluting the environment. The specially designed pneumatic fork mechanism can effectively prevent the powder from arching in the feeding area, thus further ensuring the stability of the feeding.

ton bag packing machine

Post time: Sep-26-2022
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