Frozen food packaging machine helps the industry develop again

In recent years, with the rapid improvement of refrigeration and IQF freezing technology, the construction of urban and rural cold chain logistics has been gradually improved, and the consumer market is becoming more and more mature. The frozen food industry has achieved rapid development, transformation and upgrading. For packaging, we chantecpack learned that the new standard has a new standard for the packaging of frozen food. It is required to reasonably select the packaging scheme according to the type, shape and characteristics of refrigerated and frozen food, so as to ensure the quality, health and safety of refrigerated and frozen food in the logistics process. This has higher requirements for the type and material of packaging bags.

Moreover, with the continuous rise of packaging equipment industry, many food manufacturers will choose automatic packaging equipment to complete packaging operations. To choose a packaging machine suitable for your own products, in addition to its own packaging speed, packaging accuracy, stability and so on, the after-sales problems can not be underestimated, which can directly affect the later performance and service life of the equipment.

We chantecpack instant frozen food packaging machine can be applied to a variety of bag types and film materials, like zipper doypack, quad bag, gusset bag and PE film back sealing bag. Here we introduce you two representative models:

1. Vertical form fill seal frozen chicken nuggets weighing packaging machine


2. IQF frozen meat balls, dumplings, peas, French fries, broccoli stand up zipper doypack pouch bag packing machine

frozen food zipper doypack pouch bag packing machine

Post time: Aug-16-2021
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