2022RosUpack has successfully concluded in Moscow. Ieco, which has been invited to participate in the exhibition for many times, is still a popular booth in the packaging machinery exhibition hall this year. At the exhibition site, an endless stream of professional customers came to watch. The energy-saving, environment-friendly, efficient and stable products and professional sales service team attracted many customers to negotiate and exchange. 

In this exhibition, the Ieco Russian team was fully prepared and enthusiastic, and successfully completed the booth construction, exhibition publicity, on-site reception and other work. The reception staff warmly introduced the technical advantages, product features and after-sales service of Ieco to the customers who were visiting the exhibition. The warm and professional explanation was concerned and recognized by the majority of Russian customers and local packaging machinery professionals. 

RosUpack2022 IECO

China and Russia are each other’s largest neighbors and both rapidly developing emerging economies. Russia is also an important market for Ieco along the “the Belt and Road”. This exhibition enables more customers to better understand the products and technologies of Ieco, further improves the position of Ieco in Russia and surrounding markets, and lays a solid foundation for the improvement of influence and market share. 

In the future, Ieco will continue to create greater value for customers, focus on key core technologies, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and help global customers create more packaging miracles with better quality and adaptability equipment and better after-sales service.

Post time: Aug-01-2022
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