Do you know the difference of Horizontal premade bag packing machine and rotary preformed pouch packaging machine

Suitable bag type adjustment: 

The rotary bag given packing machine horizontal pouch packing machine have one key operation in the touch screen to adjust the bag width function, which much safer and faster.

Equipment stability:

The stability of the horizontal stand up pouch bag machine is slightly poor. From the beginning of bag loading to the end of sealing, a packaging bag is constantly replaced with grippers, and the phenomenon of bag dropping, bag skewing, and high and low bags is serious. Moreover, due to the need to loosen the screws to change the bag type, the screws are often loosened, and the screw threads are loosened due to repeated disassembly, so the stability of the equipment gradually decreases and the stability of the rotary table machine is good, A packaging bag is always held by a group of clamping claws from the beginning of loading to the end of sealing. There is no need to change the clamping claws in the middle, and there will be no drop bags, skew bags and high and low bags. Moreover, since there is no need to loosen the screws to change the bag type, the equipment is stable

Bag loading station:

Most of the bags on the horizontal irregular shape doypack pouch packing machine are sucked from the bag bin first, put on a leather belt conveyor to run to a certain position, and then sucked up to the gripper. There are many intermediate links, the process of debugging the equipment is complex, and there are many fault points. The rotary 8stations packaging machine adopts the vertical bag supply mode, and the packaging bags are directly clamped to the gripper when they come out of the bag bin. The intermediate links are seamless and have high stability

Bag opening station:

After the bag opening of the horizontal pre-made flat pouch packingmachine, the opening of the bag mouth is completely maintained by the self tension of the packaging bag. Once the operation process affects the secondary closing of the packaging bag mouth or the opening is incomplete, the unloading nozzle of the rear unloading station cannot be fully inserted into the packaging bag, which will lead to the leakage of materials onto the machine. The rotary filling sealing packing machine uses the up and down bag opening method to open the bag. When opening the bag, it also has the positive pressure blowing function, which can completely blow the packaging bag open. At the same time, when the packaging bag is moved to the unloading station, a pair of mechanical bag supports will always open the packaging bag until the unloading nozzle is inserted into the packaging bag. In this way, it can ensure that the unloading nozzle can be 100% inserted into the packaging to avoid material leakage. At the same time, the bag support device has the detection function, and the material will not be cut if there is no bag or the bag is not opened successfully, so as to ensure the accuracy of the feeding process.

Equipment control:

One control system and one operation screen of the horizontal spout doypack stand up pouch fillingmachine control the packaging machine and the screw metering machine at the same time. The system stability is not very good, and the adjustment is troublesome. It needs to look through the page to adjust the independent operation screen of the rotary zipper bag weighing packaging machine, so as to avoid interference with the screw metering machine

Post time: Aug-22-2022
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