Daily recommendation of ton bag packing machine

The ton bag packaging production line equipment can also be called  bulk bag packing machine, open mouth jumbo bag filling scale, is a multi-purpose packaging equipment integrating electronic weighing, automatic bag upload and dust removal. The unit adopts single screw feeding structure, which can effectively carry out the ton bag packaging operation of materials. The self weight feeding of materials not only saves a lot of human resources, but also improves the working efficiency of the packaging operation. It is easy to control and can be adjusted independently by setting the feeding flow. At the same time, a stop butterfly valve is installed at the outlet of the single arc feeding valve, which can enhance the controlled ability of material output. With the expansion of the world’s industrialization scale, this equipment has already shone in fertilizer, pharmacy, metallurgy, chemical industry, agriculture, construction and other related industries. It is suitable for packaging chemical raw material powder, lime powder, graphite powder, mineral powder, coal ash powder, calcium carbonate, graphene, active carbon, PVC, polyurethane, fertilizer, sand and other bulk materials, making the ton bag packaging machine a highly efficient packaging equipment welcomed by various industries.

ton bag packing machine

Post time: Sep-19-2022
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