Daily recommendation of powder filling machine

The powder filling machine can fill: protein powder, milk powder, meal substitute powder, lotus root powder, flour, starch, walnut powder, camel milk powder, nutritional powder, sesame paste, coffee powder, fruit and vegetable powder, solid beverage powder, soybean milk powder, premixed powder, superfine powder, enzyme powder, etc.

The difficulty of powder filling lines in the high-precision quantitative measurement filling, and the filling process does not stick materials. A high-quality powder filling machine must first have the function of quantitative weighing, and use PLC to control the touch screen operation. The servo motor drives the screw blanking. It has the functions of automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic counting, easy cleaning, etc. Generally, the powder quality of powder is very light, and the filling accuracy should also be strictly required. In order to solve the problem of dust pollution, the powder filling machine needs to use the submersible filling method to fill materials. Some powders are not easy to be unloaded during the filling process, but also need to be equipped with a vibrating screen or agitator to ensure the speed of unloading.

For some manufacturers of well-developed powder filling machines, a high-quality powder filling machine needs to integrate the functions of feed bottles → vibration → metering and filling → vibration → weighing and feedback → filling supplement → weight check → final output. High speed production of finished products can reduce costs and increase efficiency for manufacturers.

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milk powder filling packing line

Post time: Nov-02-2022
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