Daily recommendation of flour powder packing machine

Flour is a powdered substance obtained from wheat after being processed with bran and flour. Starch is the main ingredient. High gluten flour contains bread powder, pizza powder, toast flour, medium gluten flour such as baozi powder, dumpling powder, self baking powder, low gluten flour are cake powder, biscuits powder and so on.

In recent years, with the trend of valuing brands in the flour market for household consumption, many processing enterprises have also made great efforts to create high-quality flour quality and good external packaging image through improving production technology, and strengthen the brand effect with good reputation, so as to promote flour to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition. Naturally, what is indispensable is the support of stable flour packaging machines.

1. Automatic VFFS vertical quad seal stand up powder bag filling packaging machine


2. The fully auto 5kg powder premade pouch bag given filling sealing packing machine


3. The semi auto 25kg powder bagging and robot palletizer packing line


4. The 1-2kg maize wheat flour powder paper bag filling gluing sealing packaging machinery

Post time: Mar-07-2022
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