Daily recommendation for the pet food packing machine

1. The VFFS vertical weighing packaging machine for pet food, can make flat bottom pack with 4 edge seals or the quad bag

pet food VFFS packing machine


2. Multi lanes sachet bag pet food filling packging machine, suit for Pet hair cream, Cat/Dog/ Hairbulb Removal, Pet nutrition cream Enhance immunity


3. Pet Food bagging machine for preformed bags, also suit for Dog food, cat food, rabbit food, IQF dried tiddler ect. 


4. The pet food jars weighing filling packing line

pet food jars filling packing line (2)

It is suit for various round PE cans, aluminum alloy cans and paper cans, as well as special customized mold bottle ypes.

This set of equipment has a high degree of automation. Such as automatic bottle feeding, automatic material lifting, weighing, filling into jars, capping, labeling, production date printing and so on. According to the needs of enterprises, it can also be equipped with check weigher, automatic bag feeding of desiccant, bottle body powder removal device, finished product collection workbench and other auxiliary equipment to further improve and meet the production needs.

Post time: Nov-22-2021
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