Daily recommendation for berries packing machine

1. Berries raisin dried fruit VFFS multiheads weigher form fill seal packaging machine

berries VFFS weighing packing machine

2. Berries flakes, lollipop premade doypack pouch bagging pacaging machine , also suit for 4 side sealed bag, zipper stand up pouch, gusset quad bag ect.

berries stand up doypack pouch bag packing machine

3. Granola Berries, Protein Oatmeal Porridge Berries tin can glass bottle weighing filling bottling packing machine

berries tin can packing machine


Filling process: the operator places the bottles on the bottle sorting machine, and the machine automatically manages the bottles. A series of production links such as automatic lifting, weighing, bottle feeding, positioning of cans and bottles, capping, labeling and printing of production date are automatic without manual participation.  1.

It is applicable to various round specifications such as PE cans, aluminum alloy cans and paper cans, as well as special customized mold bottle types. It is aimed at the automatic quantitative filling production of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces with good circulation. 

The equipment has a high degree of automation and the whole line operates in linkage, which meets the requirements of GMP standards. According to the needs of enterprises, it can also be equipped with weight sorting scale, automatic bag feeding of desiccant, bottle body powder removal device, manual operation work area, code spraying machine, automatic capping of soft cover, finished product collection workbench and other auxiliary equipment to further improve and meet the production needs.

Post time: Nov-01-2021
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