Common problems existing in flour powder vertical packing machine

The packaging of powder generally adopts vertical packaging machine. Powder products not only include food, hardware, daily use and chemical industry, but also cover many industries. The vertical packaging machine is mainly used to packing food powder, such as flour, starch, baby food milk powder, chili spice powder, etc.

Flour powder products would cause lots of dust during packing. It is easy to raise dust when packaging, which leads to dust in the whole workshop. If the workers do not wear masks, they are also easy to inhale.

Therefore, the vertical packaging machine needs to use well-sealed screw elevator feeder and auger filling head to measure the powder products such as flour, so as to avoid the problem of dust.

What are the common problems when the vertical packing machine packing flour?

1) When packing flour, if the connection between screw feeder and powder head is not advanced, it is easy to cause flour leakage (when installing the connection, it is necessary to fix the connection between the two);

2) When the vertical packing machine packs the flour, there is powder inclusion, resulting in waste of rolls film.

The reason why this problem may emerge:

a. The transverse sealing is too early;

b. The blanking device is not tight enough, resulting in powder leakage;

c. Electrostatic adsorption powder is generated by packaging roll film.

According to the above three points, the solutions are as follows:

a. Adjust the time of horizontal sealing;

b. Generally, screw metering machine is used for powder blanking device, and corresponding leakage proof device is added;

c. Find a way to eliminate the static electricity of the packaging roll film, or add the ion air device.

3) After sealing, the packed bag is wrinkled

The reason why this problem may emerge:

a. The gap between the cutting knife and pressing film at the transverse seal of the vertical packaging machine is uneven, so that the force on the packaging film is uneven;

b. The transverse sealing temperature of the packaging machine is too high or the sealing cutter is not evenly heated;

c. The angle between the cutter and the packaging film at the transverse seal is not vertical, which causes the fold;

d. The case that the speed of pulling film of the transverse sealing cutter is inconsistent with that of the packaging film, resulting in the folding of the packaging bag;

e. The speed of equipment cutting does not match the speed of packaging film pulling, resulting in raw materials in the position of horizontal sealing, resulting in wrinkles of packaging bags;

f. The heating pipe is not installed smoothly, and there are foreign matters stuck in the horizontal sealing, thus affecting the quality of the packaging bag sealing;

g. There is a problem with the bag itself, which is unqualified;

h. The sealing pressure of the packaging machine is too large;

i. Wear or notch at the transverse seal.

We could adjust machine based on above 9 points.

4) After flour products are packaged, found that the packing bag is leaking and not tightly sealed

we could adjust machine like below:

The vertical packaging machine cannot be sealed horizontally:

a) The temperature of the horizontal sealing device of the packaging machine does not reach the corresponding temperature, so the height of the horizontal sealing needs to be increased;

b) The sealing pressure at the horizontal sealing device of the packaging machine is not enough, so it is necessary to adjust the pressure of the packaging machine and add pressure to the horizontal sealing;

c) The horizontal sealing roller of the equipment is not aligned when it is installed and the contact surface between the two is not flat; solution: adjust the flatness of the contact surface of the horizontal sealing roller, and then use A4 paper to horizontally seal it to see if it is aligned and the texture is the same;

How to deal with the leakage of the horizontal seal of the vertical packaging machine:

a) Also check the horizontal sealing temperature of the packaging machine. If the temperature does not reach the sealing temperature, add the temperature;

b) Check the horizontal sealing pressure of the packaging machine, and adjust the horizontal sealing pressure of the packaging machine;

c) See if there is any clamping when the packaging machine is sealing. If there is clamping, adjust the cutting speed of the packaging machine;

d) If the above three kinds of bags are still leaking after adjustment, check whether they are made of materials and try to replace another one.

The horizontal sealing temperature of vertical packaging machine does not go up:

1) Check whether the temperature control table of the horizontal seal of the packaging machine is damaged, and replace it if damaged;

2) Check whether the temperature control circuit of the transverse seal part is connected wrongly;

3) Check whether the cross seal thermocouple is installed incorrectly or damaged; check whether the thermocouple is installed or replaced

Post time: Jun-22-2020
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