Oatmeal weighing packaging machines are due to products status, measurement accuracy requirements, as well as material filling methods, packaging bag types, etc., will use different metering devices, or different models, resulting in the diversity of bag packaging machines.

Although there are many types of packaging machines, they are generally composed of feeding equipment, metering devices, blanking devices, bag making devices, sealing devices, and cutting devices. According to the physical state of the container shape, it can be divided into vertical packaging machine, premade pouch packaging machine and cans packaging machine as follows:

1. The vertical quad bag form fill seal cereal oatmeal packing machine 

The unit integrates weighing, bag making, folding, filling, sealing, printing, punching and counting, and uses servo motor synchronous belt to pull film. The control components are all international famous brand products, and the performance is possible. The transverse seal and longitudinal seal are pneumatically operated, with stable and reliable operation. Advanced design ensures that the adjustment, operation and maintenance of the machine are very convenient


2. The rotary premade zipper doypack pouch bag muesli oatmeal packaging machine

1). Packaging bag form: flat bag, self-supporting stand up bag and zipper bag.

2). Packaging process: bag pick up – bag opening – Measurement – filling – sealing – product output.

3). The machine adopts vacuum bag opening mode.

4). Different bag width can be adjusted automatically.

5). Do not open the bag until materials drop.


3. The buckwheat flakes oatmeal jars bottles weighing filling seaming canning packaging machine

1). It is suitable for all kinds of PE cans, aluminum alloy cans, paper cans and other round specifications as well as special customized mold bottles, and automatic quantitative filling production of Chinese herbal pieces with good circulation.

2). The set of equipment has high degree of automation, the whole line linkage operation, and meets the requirements of GMP standards. The operators put the bottles on the bottle arranging machine, the machine automatically arranges the bottles, the material automatically lifts, weighs, enters the bottle, locates the bottle, seals, pastes the label, the production date printing and so on a series of production links are all automatic, does not need the manual participation. According to the needs of the enterprise, it can also be equipped with weight sorting scale, desiccant automatic package, bottle powder removal device, manual operation work area, inkjet printer, soft cover automatic sealing, finished product collection platform and other auxiliary equipment to further improve and meet the production needs.

mixed oatmeal filling canning machine

Post time: Jun-21-2021
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