Chicken conditioning products packaging machine plays an essential role in the battle of optimizing product structure

Chicken conditioning products mainly use chicken as the main raw material, add auxiliary materials appropriately, and then through corresponding process treatment, they can be eaten directly or simply processed, including chicken chunks, chicken fillet, chicken Goujons/ Strips, chicken nugget, chicken popcorn, chicken breast, etc.  At present, many chicken conditioning products enterprises begin to innovate products, seek breakthroughs and carry the banner of optimizing product structure in the industry. In the era of chicken conditioning products, the packaging machine played an essential role in this victory.

Here we chantecpack introduce two representative models for you:

1. The VFFS vertical frozen chicken nuggets packaging machine with multi heads weigher, suit for back seal hole punch bag, gusset bag and block bottom quad bag

The vertical chicken nuggets packing machine

2. rotary premade pouch bag packing machine for chicken fillets burger , suit for premade zipper doypack, self standing up pouch

chicken fillets stand pouch bag given weighing packing machine

Post time: Aug-23-2021
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