Automatic betel nut packing machine processing enterprises move towards high-quality development road

Areca nut is mainly distributed in tropical areas such as Yunnan, Guangxi and Hainan in China, and is widely cultivated in tropical Asia like India, Myanmar and Vietnam. People in those area have had the habit of consuming betel nut since ancient times, which is the main chewing food. It is understood that the processing of edible areca nut originated in Hunan. Up to now, the processing output value alone has reached 100 billion yuan, and the market consumption potential is huge. With the injection of science and technology, the categories of deep-processing products are diverse, the consumer market is gradually expanding, and the market prospect is better. The accurate measurement of betel nut packaging machine has become a rookie in the industry. The measurement of betel nut packaging machine can include horizontal flow wrapping betel nut packing machine, betel nut premade pouch packaging machine, areca bag into bag secondary packaging machine, etc.

betel nut premade pouch packing machine

Packaging process: premade doypack loading – Coding – preformed pouch bag opening  – Areca catechu filing – Cleaning – sealing 1 (exhaust) – sealing 2 – output

Post time: Oct-20-2021
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